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Carmen - Fire and Fate

International singer Kirstin Chávez's conceptual one-woman show

12 June 2017 – 17 June 2017

Burlesque Star Tempest Rose Interview

Burlesque figurehead Tempest Rose talks to London Calling about the past, and future, of the movement.

Trip the Light at TripSpace Projects

A evening of dance from two international choreographers at TripSpace Projects

17 June 2017

An Interview with Adrian Berry

We speak to artistic director Adrian Berry about the exciting new season at Jacksons Lane.

An Interview with Shobana Jeyasingh

We spoke to choreographer Shobana Jeyasingh about her company's upcoming performance of Bayadère at the Sampled Festival.

The Place Presents: Resolution 2017

Kick off the New Year with the UK’s biggest festival for new dance.

The Colour of Me at The Half Moon

Explore the colourful world of emotion and join Wriggle Dance Theatre as they question the relationship between colour and emotion.

7 January 2017

Half Term Roundup

Don't worry about keeping your kids entertained this half term, we've lined up some great events to keep boredom at bay.

Top 5: Alternative Dance Clubs

From swing to salsa, the Charleston to ceilidhs, you’re bound to want to grab your dancing shoes and hit the floor with these fantastic alternative London dance clubs.

Top 5 Unusual Music Venues in London

From churches to underground tunnels, gardens in the sky to ancient music halls, we run through London's strangest music venues.

Top 5: Underground Nightclubs

Forget Ministry of Sound and the champagne clubs of central London, join us on a guide to the best venues for underground dance.

An Interview With Miss Polly Rae

We chat to one of the country's biggest burlesque stars about her new show and the history of cabaret.

Interview with Yaron Lifschitz

An interview with the man taking the circus to bold new places

Multimedia for the Multi-viewer

We summarise the best multimedia experiences on in London at the moment - try them and engage with several art forms at once!

Interview with Liv Lorent

We chatted to choreographer Liv Lorent about her latest show Snow White, gruesome fairytales and famous collaborators.

Kinky Boots: London's hit musical

We chat to Killian and Matt, the stars of hit musical Kinky Boots, about Cyndi Lauper, drag queen names, and tricky choreography